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Synonyms for hallmark

Synonyms for hallmark

a distinctive characteristic or attribute

a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity

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Moreover, hallmarked and non- hallmarked items are sold in the same outlet.
Volumes of 9ct gold - the long serving old faithful of every woman's jewellery box - have been in drastic decline, from nearly 24 million articles in 2001 - 70 per cent of all items hallmarked - to only 8 million in 2008.
Every item of gold silver or platinum sold in the UK must be hallmarked, unless it is under a specified weight, and the hallmarking numbers released by the four UK Assay Offices are an excellent barometer of trends in the market.
The increasing popularity of silver jewellery has spearheaded a rise in hallmarked items, Birmingham Assay Office has reported.
By law every item of gold which weighs more than one gram has to be hallmarked by one of four official assay offices in the UK before it can be sold.