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So it was the voice of the hall porter saying: "Let me take your bags Sir", at the luxurious Taj Hotel, (Cape Town's best owned by TaTa steel, who also own British Jaguar) that restored the balance.
Her husband, Kenneth Robertson, a 30-year-old hall porter, now wants to follow Krista's example and study for a degree through ICS.
When I was an apprentice cook at the Dorchester Hotel in 1940 the richest man I knew was the hall porter. It was he who was in total charge of the uniformed staff: the cloakroom attendant paid the porter pounds 30 a week for his job, in respect of which the hotel paid him his wage of pounds 4.
That's what Cardiff Central contracts committee was asking itself this afternoon when it was discussing the new chauffeur-cum-City Hall porter.
SPORTS Hall porter Leslie Allcock deckled he could not stay late at Birmingham University to help students' games training
Beowulf owner Phil Bennett said the 4.7 per cent strength Finn's Hall Porter, which won the Bronze Medal in the 2005 competition, is a "dark, inviting, smoky and hoppy beer, that isn't too sweet to the taste."
On the Costa Brava, neither the paper shop nor the four-star hotel's hall porter had heard of the Post, the latter explaining that racing and horses were not Spanish pastimes; I desisted from mentioning bullfights.
One man who could give job-seekers lots of advice on making the transition into the hospitality sector, is the Caledonian's front hall porter, 36- year-old Malcolm Harkin.
"I only got four hours sleep until I rang down and told the hall porter it was too hot in my room.
TOWN hall porter Stuart Durham has climbed Mount Everest - without leaving Redcar and Cleveland.
The third award was won by Roger Blackwood, hall porter at the hotel, who is employee of the year.
After he became well known, 'The Brab' used to get the hall porter of a Dublin hotel into Cheltenham each year by letting him carry his saddle as a temporary valet.
"It is just as important for the hall porter to know as the wine waiter, for both could be talking to the guest who has questions."
A TOWN hall porter is tackling the Middlesbrough 10k Race and is planning to pester his boss Ray Mallon for a bit of sponsorship.
WHEN watching Channel 4's racing coverage from Towcester on Saturday, December 5, I was astonished to hear Derek Thompson refer to the Grace Stand as being named after a renowned hall porter of the Jockey Club.