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Synonyms for halitus

exhaled breath


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Expressing the mystery and beauty of ocean life, Cnidaria Halitus harnesses the natural forces of the sun and the tides to produce 600,000 liters of potable water each day for the City of Santa Monica.
Nam praestat a mari longo potius intervalo quam brevi refugisse, quia media sunt spatiagravioris halitus".
Este halitus es tambien el que da fuerza y vida a la palabra proclamada en la liturgia.
4,684-85 extremus si quis super halitus errat / ore legam, in cui Anna spera di ricevere con il bacio Testremo soffio vitale di Didone.
The Halitus also of that thin Spirit that flies away upon cutting an Orange, or Lemon Peel, or which in a small Thread spins out of the same Peel when it is squeezed, did not penetrate to give any smell to a little Water contained in a Cristal Glass Sealed Hermetically.