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a salt of any halogen acid

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The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court has upheld an appeal by Mustafa Delilovic and Halid Covic against their convictions for crimes against Serb and Croat civilians illegally detained at the Silos camp, the Krupa barracks and the 9th of May elementary school in the HadA3/4ici municipality.
He is the direct descendant of Halid Ibn Valid, Chief of the tribe of Beni Kuzeim, at whose hands Mahomet the Prophet suffered his only defeat, and of Abd-ul-Aziz, the grandson of Halid, who conquered El-Djezireh in the 7th century, and was appointed by Omar, third Khalif, hereditary Prince-ruler of the conquered territory.
Iraq dominated and almost went ahead Qatar failed to deal with a corner kick which fell to Saif Halid whose right foot volley cannoned off the cross bar.
Halid Hatic, who was Senior VP of Vitec Broadcast Services Inc.
In Division Two, NE Tamils inflicted a first defeat on West End when they posted an unassailable 159- 7 thanks to 67 from Nish and 35 by Loges - despite halid Azam taking 3-20.
Erol, Halid Kaplan, Abdurrahman Akuzum and Mo Jamshidi Ph.D.
One particularly appealing example was Halid Ziya (Usakligil)'s "Ask-i Memnu" (Forbidden Love, 1900), a psychological study of adultery in a Bosphorus mansion.
The father Halid Uyanyk could barely stand while receiving condolences in the hospital yard.
Halid, another young man hanging out that night, agrees with Adaab, saying that al-Bashir must be tried by the Sudanese people for his role in the fighting in Sudan.
The Persian sources are Qahraman and Ibn Abi Halid al-Farisi.
In the first years of the 20th century, MacColl was an active opponent of Muslim spokesmen such as Sayyid Amir 'Ali and the Turkish writer Halil Halid, sometimes admonishing them on doctrinal points of their own religion, arguing for instance that the Sultan of Turkey was not the Caliph of all Muslims, and arguing that reforms in Islam, i.e., the Ottoman Empire, were not possible because Islamic states were branches of a cosmopolitan theocracy bounded together by a common code of essentially and eternally unchangeable civil and religious rules (RUSSELL 1914).
| Eton College scholar | |Andrew Isama, who previously attended The De La Salle Academy, in Croxteth Picture: HALID IZZET, RHUBARB & CUSTARD, ETON
Halid Hatic, founder of Curious Software and former executive at Avid and Vizrt, will lead Production Services, which includes Bexel, Camera Corps, SIS, The Camera Store, and Autoscript/Autocue Hire.
(8) While a solid silver or gold throne appears never to have seen the light of day, Claude-Guy Halid's depiction of Louis XIV receiving the Doge of Genoa (Fig.
halid Laban, CEO, Oxygen said, "DDoS attacks are evolving so very rapidly, every time a new attack arrives they're switching to a different strategy.