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Quite so - if we Welsh are to be perceived as a nation of halfwits.
They are all Pimmsdrinking, Union Jack-fluttering, chinless halfwits who regard an outdoor Cliff Richardsing-along as the highlight of their social life.
WHEN are the halfwits who allegedly govern this country going to realise that if Britain is to survive we need immigration and trade controls?
Bob Geldof yesterday launched a scathing attack on "poptastic" radio disc jockeys and branded them the "humdrum halfwits from Middle England".
It makes my blood boil that so many people are hoodwinked by this bunch of halfwits.
Like, for instance, if they started putting out noisy, beer-bellied, bald, yellow-toothed, tattooed halfwits who have nothing to offer, then we'd be getting somewhere.