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a print obtained from photoengraving

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an engraving used to reproduce an illustration

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Halftone images can be used to print books, newspapers, and magazines, which cannot print continuous tones.
To convert the individual greyscale images to halftone bitmaps, select an image and click on Image>Mode>Bitmap.
En este metodo, los valores de pixeles se comparan con los valores de la matriz de pantalla; si el valor del pixel es mayor que el valor de matriz, se asigna 1 (blanco) a la imagen halftone y en caso contrario, asigna el valor 0 (negro) a la imagen halftone, cuyo proceso esta dado por (1).
As Sharma (Sharma, 2003) stated that halftone originally established as a photographic method.
The Yule-Nielsen equation describes quite well the tone and color reproduction in many halftone systems (Ruckdeschel & Hauser, 1978).
The improved block resistance and better halftone gain stability makes this an ideal ink for corrugated polypropylene applications such as political, real estate and bus signage.
The key to making a Glossmark is "controlling the halftone structure--how the tiny ink dots are distributed on the page," says Liu.
It's easy to guess what drew Polke to these images: In addition to their violent oddness, the shot and holes in all three paintings, with their positive and negative forms, mimic and contradict the black halftone dots of the artist's newspaper sources.
One is the halftone image, a two-dimensional (2-D) pattern of larger and smaller dots used in reproducing pictures.
5-inch width, halftone image quality and high speed.
The new CNC-K-908 from Kase Equipment is described as a versatile sidewall printer for high-quality line, halftone, or process work.
Sharp Intelligent Image Segmentation (SIIS) is a high-speed image processing technique designed to keep character images crisp and halftone images smooth within the same document.
A comprehensive, easy-to-use visual reference guide for both the novice and the professional, Halftone Effects identifies, with specifications, a multitude of photographic halftone techniques.
The solution allows businesses to generate highly accurate flexible packaging contract halftone proofs on virtually any substrate at a fraction of the cost of current laser systems.
A halftone image is composed of 0 and 255-bit pixels, and the series of pixel patterns creates the illusion of a multi-tone image when viewed from a distance by the human visual system (HVS).