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shoe sole extending from the shank to the toe

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Soak the half-sole or leather piece for 10 minutes in tepid water.
Bevel the new half-sole so that it slightly extends over what remains of the old sole.
With the old holes of the shoe welt (a strip of leather sewn in the seam between the upper of a shoe and the sole to reinforce their joining) to guide you, use the awl to make holes from the topside in the half-sole.
Sewing on new half-soles will require a last, an item not easily come by.
Here he applies his method to the wrenching formal rigors of strict Petrarchan form, and the cumulative effect is lyrically transcendent, breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time: "Whatever escapes the clock's solitary confinement / Will stick to the side of your skull like brads being pounded / Into the flat, hard half-sole of your ear.