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a day on which half is free from work or duty

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Dolge Orlick was at work and present, next day, when I reminded Joe of my half-holiday. He said nothing at the moment, for he and Joe had just got a piece of hot iron between them, and I was at the bellows; but by-and-by he said, leaning on his hammer:
If Young Pip has a half-holiday, do as much for Old Orlick." I suppose he was about five-and-twenty, but he usually spoke of himself as an ancient person.
"Why, what'll you do with a half-holiday, if you get it?" said Joe.
"Then, as in general you stick to your work as well as most men," said Joe, "let it be a half-holiday for all."
I asked him presently whether he had been spending his half-holiday up and down town?
But there was the sun shining and there were the birds singing, as the sun only shines and the birds only sing on holidays and half-holidays; there were the trees waving to all free boys to climb and nestle among their leafy branches; the hay, entreating them to come and scatter it to the pure air; the green corn, gently beckoning towards wood and stream; the smooth ground, rendered smoother still by blending lights and shadows, inviting to runs and leaps, and long walks God knows whither.
These half-holiday walks were the great events of the week.
Later in the afternoon, to raise his spirits, he took his skates and went to Wickens's pond, where, it being Saturday, he found the ice crowded with the Alton students and their half-holiday visitors.
"I can't analyse myself well," went on Boulnois; "but sitting in that chair with that story I was as happy as a schoolboy on a half-holiday. It was security, eternity--I can't convey it...
On Thursday afternoons (half-holidays) we now took walks, and found still sweeter flowers opening by the wayside, under the hedges.
He had the feeling of unexplained excitement with which, on half-holidays at school, he used to start off into the unknown.
He began to read and read greedily, he won all the literature prizes, and even on half-holidays he could hardly be driven out to join in the games of his comrades, preferring rather to sit in the quiet schoolroom translating from Latin or French, and even when he was driven forth he went book in hand.
Although Thursday is the weekly half-holiday, the ancient borough was en fete, the streets gaily be-flagged, and eager crowds of townspeople awaiting the Cadre's arrival.
No one was injured, stated the news story, likely because Sievert locked the doors at noon to give his workers a half-holiday in commemoration of Memorial Day.
The first British comic strip hero was Ally Sloper of Ally Sloper's Half-Holiday, which ran from 1884 to 1916.