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Synonyms for half-baked

Synonyms for half-baked

insufficiently cooked


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Gingrich's futurism threatens Washington not because it is full of buzzwords or half-baked notions about tax credits for laptop computers.
The media want to know--and at this point rumors and half-baked facts are flying.
In these life-critical areas of the hospital, you cannot compromise patient care and safety with half-baked systems and vaporware promises.
The Playhouse Studio hosts Half-Baked from Wednesday to Saturday, a funny and bittersweet new play by Alex Joynes and produced as part of a partnership between the Everyman & Playhouse, Birmingham REP and The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich.
It is not acceptable that some viewers can''t receive English or Welsh language Welsh TV - the Government should not be accepting half-baked excuses from Ofcom and Digital UK.
PENSIONERS and the low paid are being forced into poverty through Gordon Brown's half-baked ideas.
Which, in a play that takes itself as seriously as this half-baked teacher/student/student triangle does, makes for a real problem.
That doesn't mean that when the city Lib Dem administration produces a plan which has caused an explosion of anger - the like of which I have never seen before - which is widely believed to be half-baked, that we don't have the right to say 'This plan is half-baked, go back and do it again'.
Sadly, we have half-baked text book psychologists to blame for one-sided human rights issues.
IT sounds a half-baked idea but charity fundraiser Emma Christie plans to push a potato across the Forth Road Bridge with her nose.
In a video that makes up part of the installation, Smith, playing an earnest entrepreneur, lays out his half-baked plans to revive a defunct Catskills artists' colony.
If people think that the Government and the country can be held to ransom through strike action, can be bounced through uncosted, half-baked proposals in the middle of the night with little or no mention of modernisation - proposals that at a cursory estimate by the Treasury would cost hundreds of millions of pounds - they are not living in the real world,' he said.
Lord Richard said: "The fact of the matter is that a half-baked reform such as is now being proposed by the Government, frankly won't work.
The Six Nations climax summed up just what a half-baked load of old cobblers rugby union is.