half sister

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a sister who has only one parent in common with you

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"At around 7pm [on Wednesday], the six-year-old who was on the third floor of an apartment block in the centre of Larnaca, escaped his half sister's attention and fell from the balcony to the ground below," Andreou explained.
Genes Reunited is responsible for pairing up Bernard Jones, 57, from Fairwater, Cardiff, and his half sister Margaret, 69.
Other half-siblings to Group winners in the catalogue include a brother to globetrotter Doctor Dino (64), a Loup Solitaire half sister to this month's Prix du Cadran winner Banna by (284) and a Lando half-sister to German Group 2 winner Axxos (318).
Q I WAS 10 when my half sister was born and, after being the apple of my mum and my stepdad's eye, I became an also-ran.
MY uncle, who was never married, died leaving no family except one sister and one half sister. He owned a house but didn't leave a will.