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Responding to Blake's comments, HRA PR manager, Paul Struthers, said: "We made the scales's software requirements very clear to Avery at the outset of the project in the spring and, in line with historical practice, we specified that the new electronic scales should round down to the nearest half pound, once the exact weight had been captured by the scales.
For a better understanding, take into account that a half pound (selibra) of gold and silver, which the Spanish call marco, and in other places they call marca, is a coin that weighs eight ounces; and the ounce is divided into eight eighths, which the Hebrews call adharcon, and the Greek and Latin call drachmas.
"Patients should be strongly encouraged to stop smoking and gain a minimum of one half pound per week during pregnancy to minimize the risk for fetal growth restriction," said Dr.
One pound of worms can process about a half pound of garbage a day.
Mel had tried to leave hospital just hours after giving birth to the five and a half pound baby at 6.42pm on Friday.
A person who smokes two packs of cigarettes day inhales more than a half pound of black, sticky tar per year.
The compound raises the metabolic rate in rodents by 10 to 30 percent, which would translate into a weight loss of about a half pound per week in humans, says Robert L.
And each bar also carries the message "The equivalent of three quarters of a pint of fresh liquid milk in every half pound of milk chocolate".
I can just picture Col nipping around to Larry Skinner's for a half pound of sausages and a batch loaf for breakfast the next morning.
Two restaurants in Washington dumped on more than a half pound each.
The event, staged between Pettycur and Leven Beach, will be fished over high water, and an easterly blow might bring in better fish, such as Andy Passfield's eight and a half pound cod in a charity match at Arbroath.
The "picosatellites" weigh less than one- half pound each and measures 4x3x1 inches.
In the second half Pound added another penalty, ex-Orrel winger Jamie Bartle marked his Sheffield debut with a fine try and Pound converted a late try by the other winger, Mark Allatt.
"The dose we're giving is equivalent to about a half pound of salmon every day," says Sacks.