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an exterior door divided in two horizontally

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At the threshold of this cottage, separated by the closed half door, met but remained apart, two sections of society: the rooted and the vagrant outsider.
Aethon ni drwy domen o bres (mae'r euros 'na'n bethau peryg), ac er bod ein hanner ni'n teimlo'n sl ar l bwyd seimllyd mewn un caffi penodol, roedd yr Half Door yn wych.
Another old favourite - the Half Door - was sublime, with more succulent salmon and the finest pint of Guinness I had all holiday.
The smaller half door is rear-hinged, so the doors on each side open away from the middle, like barn doors.
Despite all the demands on her time and energy, Tayyaba finds a creative outlet in making improvements around their home such as building a half door for their kitchen to allow her to supervise her children while keeping them safely out of the way, and creating her family's clothes--especially outfits for her daughters.
This is what sets the Quad Cab apart: four doors--not the typical regular front door with a rear half door, but four full-sized, open-wide doors.
200 YEARS AGO: Yesterday morning two young girls being left in a house in Dale End, the clothes of one of one of them caught fire, the cries of the children alarmed a gentlemen who was passing the street, and who, observing the flames over a half door w hich was fastened, instantly jumped over it, and by taking the child in his arms and pressing it to his cloths, very much stifled the flames and entirely extinguished them.
Robbers made off with cash after wrecking The Half Door Cafe on French Church Street on New Year's Eve.
An innovative approach to access comes in the shape of the Clubman side door, a kind of half door which enables easier access to the rear seats.
The shelf was fixed back above the new half door, with a piece of purple translucent overlay film attached underneath.
On dustbin day, the binman would walk through, open the gate at the end and then walk down the yard and open the half door that guarded the dustbin place.
There are two sinks - one higher than the other - a toilet cubicle and an area partitioned off by a half door where mums can feed baby.
I also took an old shutter and followed the design to the letter, using ceiling boards to make new shutters and a new half door for the cottage.
The first kiosk opened just over a year ago and now does a healthy trade, selling around 250 coffees a day from the half door of the converted police box.
The impressive living room is steeped in character boasting a large open fireplace with four-foot grate, wooden beams and a half door leading to front of house.