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the lean flesh of a fish similar to cod

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any of several marine food fishes related to cod

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This year, after a 2012 turn in the Power & Light District, the Gay Pride Festival is "scaling down, going back to basics," says the festival's chairman, Mason Hakes.
Jay Hakes has accomplished the dubious distinction of preparing by far the best-researched effort in this realm and reaching some of the worst conclusions.
Intermediate hakes reach the highest abundance mainly on the shelf (<100 m).
Worsening economic conditions in the former Soviet Union have weakened the ability of industry and individual consumers to purchase oil products, Hakes said.
For more information about the Julian Hakes Mojito Collection you can contact Omega Distribution LLC at 19785 W.
Hakes (67-75) and Yavorsky (70-72) tied at 2-under-par 142, two shots ahead of Don Baker (73-71) of Woodland Hills Country Club.
To sign up as a mentor for ISSSC's internship program, please contact Betty Hakes at 513.
Elizabeth's mother, Beth Hakes, said she has tried to raise her daughter to be caring.
CONTACT: Megan Hakes, +1-414-788-6599, or Charlotte Walker, +1-773-547-6888
Lineup update: Senior tight end Randy Hakes is expected to start over junior Gabe Crecion.
Editors interested in accessing Con-Quest(TM) should contact Erin Hakes to receive a password.
CONTACT: Primary, Eileen Boyce, +1-312-315-7837, or Secondary, Megan Hakes, +1-414-788-6599, both for Von Maur
He dusted himself off, climbed back in the saddle and threw a rope to Randy Hakes in UCLA's second series of the third quarter that Hakes high-tailed in for a 65-yard score.
FMAC Energy Finance Group President Don Hakes said, "This ability to mix and match loan types on a situation-by-situation basis is evidence that FMAC continues to focus on providing its c-store, truck stop and petroleum retailer customers with services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations.
I really love it, and so do our employees and managers," said Kathy Hakes, applications technician/payroll for Mesa County, Colorado.