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the lean flesh of a fish similar to cod

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any of several marine food fishes related to cod

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Commence with a socio-economic investigation aimed at understanding why so few hake handline fishing rights have been activated; Commence with a scientific study to determine whether the fishery remains suitable for small-scale fishing and vessels smaller than 10m or whether the fishery should instead be considered a part-time commercial fishery that could provide greater economic support to squid operators using vessels larger than 11m in length and capable of targeting once shallow water hakes; and Issue section 28 notices to all those right holders who failed to apply for and uplift their hake handline fishing permits over the past 2 seasons.
Hakes adds that the change in leadership is why the KC Pride Festival's website hasn't been updated since 2012.
Worrell and Hakes will use the cash payable to them to buy Jelf shares in the market.
Jay Hakes has accomplished the dubious distinction of preparing by far the best-researched effort in this realm and reaching some of the worst conclusions.
The Pacific hake (Merluccius products Ayres 1855, also known as Pacific whiting), a gadoid species inhabiting waters off the west coast of North America (Fig.
A total of 2761 hakes between 5 and 90 cm TL were collected (Table 1).
Average daily demand in all developing countries in 1995 is expected to be 850,000 barrels above the average 1994 level, with China alone accounting for 48 per cent of this growth, Hakes said.
Questions should be directed to Laura Hakes at hakes@fwairport.
Steven Hakes of Coronado and Stephen Yavorsky of Pacific Golf Club shared the title in the 53rd annual Los Angeles City Senior Men's Championship at the Griffith Park Harding and Wilson courses.
Best friends Elizabeth Hakes and Danielle Lynch manned a lemonade and Kool-Aid stand at a local park for three months this summer and ended up raising $1,515 - money they donated Thursday to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
recently completed the Reed Hz #1 and Hakes Hz #1 gas wells in the Appalachian basin of New York State.
Lineup update: Senior tight end Randy Hakes is expected to start over junior Gabe Crecion.
Editors interested in accessing Con-Quest(TM) should contact Erin Hakes to receive a password.
He dusted himself off, climbed back in the saddle and threw a rope to Randy Hakes in UCLA's second series of the third quarter that Hakes high-tailed in for a 65-yard score.