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the act of cutting the hair

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This wizard barber inPakistanflaunts 15 pairs of scissors simultaneously while giving a haircut to his clients.
Cyprus was the only country subject to a bail-in, hence the haircut.
She eventually sat back down and waited for the haircut to be finished and later left with her two children.
Combs are not repeatedly used either; instead, they are given to the clients as a souvenir after their haircut.
A Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) report said that banks would have to bear a 56 percent haircut because the loans are unsustainable.
The fabulous Italian hair master - who, according to Al Arabia, " has been labeled the most exclusive and expensive hairdresser in the world" - charges a cool $1,500 for a haircut.
Moreover, the Governing Council decided to: Introduce graduated haircuts depending on remaining maturity also for floating-rate assets, which are currently assigned a flat haircut irrespective of their maturities.
Summary: The finance ministry is working on a safeguard mechanism to protect banks from legal hassles if they take the haircut route to get rid of bad debts.
This car makes it fun when children get their haircut, and instead of crying, many of the actively look forward to their next visit.
Caitlin Daniels, grade-level reading coordinator with the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, observed, "All the kids, they want to have a good haircut to go back to school.
TAKING Charlie for a haircut can be quite traumatic for him (and me).
For every adult haircut purchased, a free haircut will be donated to a veteran in the community.
I didn't tell my wife until I walked through the door with my haircut and it turns out she prefers it.