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a gun trigger that responds with little pressure

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Thus, were developed a series of ingenious, if not always successful, measures to avoid hair-trigger responses, to confirm first information and not overreact: peacekeeping, UN observers, sanctions, hotlines, escalation strategies, and better reconnaissance, all intending to avoid over-reacting at the slightest provocation.
To extend the point, there is a feeling among some that United have been too hair-trigger in the past.
Smith noted, "They are so dismissive and disparaging of God and religion and religious expressions, it is no wonder that they are at a hair-trigger to do anything they want, and they do it with impunity to hurt religious expression (www.
The logic has been that a fully deployed nuclear arms system on hair-trigger status--one that could strike or retaliate within minutes--protects the U.
US: The United States has warned North Korea it is skating a "dangerous line" with an expected missile launch that could start a whole new cycle of escalating tensions in a region already on a hair-trigger.
The hair-trigger suicidal response is an important adaptation for embryonic stem cells, said the UNC School of Medicine researcher, because a slower response could allow DNA damage to proliferate and harm the embryo.
With his high-waisted trousers, heavily starched white shirts and shaven head, he's an underwhelming-looking but utterly unhinged psycho with a hair-trigger temper - made all the more terrifying by the fact this bloke used to be Gandhi.
Sadly, Phil doesn't seem to have realised she's inherited the family's reckless gene and hair-trigger temper, so when the teen tells him he can have her flash phone in return for re-hiring her to work at the caf, he simply pockets the mobile without giving her the job.
The President's hair-trigger temper, his high heels and a sense of latent violence seem to be the very qualities that make him a candidate for the box office.
Now Lee's mum Maureen, from Walker's Heath, has warned: "Andrews has a hair-trigger temper she can't control.
The ceremony is hosted by potential car crash co-presenters Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, whose temper is famously hair-trigger.
What makes The Hunting Party an original, gonzo treat is the way that Shepard plants the movie's tone somewhere between hair-trigger investigative danger and the from-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire glee of a Hope/Crosby picture.
Koehler later adds: "We have no context for contemplating the possibility that the United States is anything but 'the world's greatest democracy,' which surely explains why most of the media, including a phalanx of progressive publications that ought to be on hair-trigger alert about vote suppression and manipulation, have ignored or dismissed the glaring danger signals.
Rather small in stature, but (for a lyric baritone) surprisingly big in the decibels and declamation departments, the Polish baritone was a physically volatile antihero with a hair-trigger temper, and he stalked his female prey like a jungle cat, not a Spanish nobleman.
Allowing the back and shoulder muscles to take over while triggering has been commonly accepted in the target arena, and now with hair-trigger releases, practically the same level of consistency and accuracy is being achieved in hunting situations.