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Use our hair oil to reduce postpartum hair fall and thank us later!
6 per cent on Friday in response to the GST Council's tax rate decision which will make products like hair oil, soap and toothpaste cost less from July 1 when the new tax regime kicks in.
He added that Dabur Egypt is considered a market leader in hair care products as it controls 70% of the market share in hair oil products, 55% of hair creams, 60% of hair masks, 10% of hair gels, a small percentage (around 2%) of the shampoo market, and about 5% of female hair removal products.
There is shampoo, aluminium-free roll-on deodorant and innovative products such as pre-shampoo hair oil.
Each of the top five Indian personal care manufacturers has a stronghold in at least one product subcategory: Godrej in hair coloring and bar soap, Marico in hair oil, Dabur in ayurvedic/"natural" toothpaste and hair oil, ITC in deodorants, and Wipro in bar soaps.
As well as GHD hair straighteners, Moroccan hair oil and Dermalogica skin care products they also swiped thousands of pounds worth of machinery.
The little black puddle underneath your vehicle may not have been caused by dripping hydraulic fluid but coconut hair oil.
All it takes is a small step - buying a bottle of Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla Hair Oil.
They have loads of great products on offer, such as Creighton's Sunshine Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner (250ml), Mellor and Russell Miracle Moisture Hair Oil (250ml), Tropical Sun SPF Sun Lotion and After Sun (150ml), all for PS1 each.
AVOID the prospect of dehydrated summer tresses with a nourishing hair oil.
ISLAMABAD -- Around 55% of Pakistanis claim to have dandruff with shampoo (51 per cent) and hair oil (33 per cent) being mostly used as a dandruff treatment, a recent survey has found.
Weekly massage A special hair oil massage is an essential weekly treatment to protect and strengthen hair.