hair of the dog

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an alcoholic drink supposed to cure a hangover

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Canine capers Sorting hair of the dog caused medical mayhem
He teamed up with local hairdresser Lauren Andrews, 28, to create Hair of the Dog at the Jubilee Tavern.
On Saturday night, DiCaprio, Suplee, Haas and a few others were spotted at new Cross eatery Barrio Chino before heading across the road for some hair of the dog at the club.
Joining the wave of collaborative crafters, Deschutes Brewery and Hair of the Dog Brewing Company have announced that they are working together on a new beer to be released in 2011.
Aussie star Daniel Merriweather meanwhile, is a firm believer of hair of the dog, revealing that he softens the blow of a heavy night by "getting drunk again.
Hair of the Dog comes in three flavours--original, sugar free and sugar-free Night Time Formula--which contain combinations of vitamin C, L-glutamine, milk thistle extract and other active ingredients.
For more than 200 years the wound would be treated with the burnt hair of the dog as an antidote.
The hair of the dog that bit you' could mean much more than just alleviating the effects of a heavy night out.
But if you do overdo it, forget hair of the dog and lay off alcohol for 48 hours - you'll feel a lot better for it.
The supermodel, 39, left daughter Lila Grace at home when she undertook the very important task of getting Alfie, her bull terrier cross, groomed and pampered at his local salon, Hair of the Dog, in north London.
HAIR OF THE DOG No matter what you've been drinking the night before, having any alcohol, or 'a hair of the dog' the next day to relieve your hangover symptoms, isn't a good idea.
Or a hair of the dog and some fresh air on New Year's Day?
It looked like it was a case of hair of the dog," the Daily Mail quoted an onlooker as saying.
T4 On The Beach Channel 4, Today, 2pm Anyone still suffering from a T in the Park hangover should enjoy this hair of the dog show.
Whether it be a fry-up, hair of the dog, or a raw egg - or all of them at the same time - the only real effect these so-called remedies ever achieved for someone was probably making them feel even more ill.