hair grease

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a toiletry for the hair

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The whole family gathered around the table, and at that moment my father asked who messed with his hair grease.
The last thing another Brother or Sister wants to find is hair grease on the mat or a puddle of sweat on the workout bench.
But that sight was nothing compared to seeing mites erupting out of a balding scalp, eating hair grease or hearing that dishcloths are richer in bacteria than the toilet.
It's this bungling, floppy-haired, upper-class twit - and I really don't think that bears a resemblance to me, especially not with the new hair grease,'' he tells Time.
Tight braiding may expose the scalp to the fungus, and hair grease can act like a glue that enables the fungus to cling to the scalp, leaving the scalp unprotected.