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a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hair

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Revolutionary haircare: Dyson SupersonicaAaAo hair dryer
A hand-held hair dryer is thought to have started the fire.
The Dyson hair dryer has changed the blow-drying world forever.
Designed to distribute air quickly and evenly, the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer dries and styles in up to half the time of a traditional blow dryer and curling iron combination.
The British company said it had invested almost PS50 million in the PS300 Supersonic hair dryer, which it claims intelligently protects the hair and scalp from heat damage with a glass bead thermistor that measures the air temperature 20 times a second.
The motor spins at 110,000rpm - a frequency above the hearing of adults - making it the quietest hair dryer on the market.
Sir James, who gave us the bagless vacuum and bladeless fan, developed the hair dryer with its own supersonic sound wave as 13 blades spin at the so 11 ra 110,000rpm.
They were then invited to tell the stories behind the photos, and detail how the Conair hair dryer could have helped.
5 x 11 inches) * 2 straws * scissors * glue stick * clear tape * Styrofoam supermarket tray * goggles * multispeed hair dryer * stopwatch
If you are of the 'sweaty armpits' tendency, always take along a hair dryer if you are doing a TV interview.
An album of household noise from a hair dryer, washing machine and vacuum cleaner is soothing both fussy infants and frazzled adults.
The LouseBuster produces double the volume of air flow as a hair dryer but at a slightly lower temperature.
The Louse-Buster produces double the volume of air flow as a hair dryer but at a slightly lower temperature.
The scientists randomly assigned the kids to get treatment with one of several devices, including a bonnet-style hair dryer, a hand-held hair dryer, a wall-mounted hair dryer, and an experimental high-volume blower that has a special rake that lifts hair into the strong air stream.
Re-tec's second product, a portable hair dryer named Ioneat, was launched in late 2003.