hair drier

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a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hair

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A round brush would be a good purchase for more defined curls and a hair drier always comes in handy when your hair's being stubborn.
Providing you live and work no further than 80 miles apart and you know how to plug in a hair drier, you could even commute every day in this car.
In this very column I once sang the praises of Cardiff's classic Clark's Pie and all at once a letter flooded in, saying the Western Mail should be setting an example in these health-conscious times.Iwas hauled before the editor and given the hair drier blast of his fearsome verbal assault.
The range includes shampoo, conditioner, a thickening blow drying lotion which reportedly gives hair body and texture while protecting it against hair drier heat, an alcohol-free styling mousse with pro-vitamin B5 and a fast-drying ultra-fine hair spray containing an improved product formula which protects hair against moisture and UV damage.
His mentor Sir Alex Ferguson dished out the hair drier treatment but his former midfield general now delivers the tumble drier version.
The police found Tamura in the bathroom of the apartment trying to electrocute himself by soaking a hair drier in water.
Each one features a well-appointed en-suite bathroom with an excellent hot and cold shower, flush toilet and the derigueur hair drier. The cabins are spread out over three decks and their size increases only marginally as you go higher.
To the unaided eye it looked as if it were being blown by a hair drier and curled with a brush.
Our twin room overlooked the grounds and came equipped with everything form an ironing board to hair drier, plus luxurious toiletries in the bathroom.
Start using a brush when your hair is half dry, section your hair off, starting with the underneath, and using a paddle brush, blow-dry with the hair drier pointing towards the end of your hair, section by section until you get to the top.
"The rice fields looked like a giant hair drier had blown them completely flat.
Rinse the jewellery well and drain it on a towel, then dry thoroughly with a hair drier on a cool setting.
This means that nutrients in the hair shaft are more exposed and more easily depleted, which makes curly hair drier, frizzier and more reactive to the elements than other hair types.
Generally, though, his rivals tend to lay off the old Hair Drier in case they get a phone call and a blast of blue language from the dictator of Old Trafford.
And she wails: 'I had a three-hour bath when I got home.' Oh dear, pass the hair drier.