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a storm during which hail falls

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The device comes with a one-year subscription to a smartphone app that connects to hailstorm and severe weather alerts by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as long-long-range forecasts.
'The place was somehow elevated hence a hailstorm could have happened,' he said in a phone interview.
The hailstorm comes after France experienced its (https://www.npr.org/2019/06/28/737004547/france-suffers-through-hottest-day-in-its-history-113-fahrenheit) hottest day in history last week.
Meanwhile, heavy rain and hailstorm hit Battagram, bringing down temperature on Tuesday.
Light rain showers and hailstorm gave much-needed respite from sultry heat today and people were seen enjoying on the streets and getting drenched in the downpour.
They said that the government would also support the families of people died or injured due to hailstorm.
Continuous heavy downpour coupled with the thunderstorm and hailstorm also stuck life here and the surrounding area, main Mansehra road and Murree Road were converted into a pool where hundreds of vehicles were trapped on each side.
Standing crops of wheat and fruit orchards were badly destroyed by the heavy rain and hailstorm in district Abbottabad.
Heavy rains and hailstorm badly damaged standing wheat crops in the country.
He said that the Buildings Department had assessed that Rs 0.837 million losses were caused to the stadium by the hailstorm and rains and a report in this regard had been sent to the Directorate General Sports Punjab for approval.
There have been frequent reports of events such as hailstorm and windstorm damaging crops and houses and the year also recorded heavy snowfall.
Heavy rainfalls with hailstorm have also been forecast for the next couple of days.
Some residents of Francistown West constituency are reeling in shock after a hailstorm swept through the area on Sunday leaving behind a trail of destruction.
In a rare occasion during dry season or what Filipinos call 'summer,' residents of a village in Benguet witnessed a hailstorm on Saturday afternoon.
A farmer shows cubes of hail after a hailstorm hit Chhoti Khajoori village on the outskirts of Bhopal yesterday.