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the worship of saints


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"even [take] the form of mild hagiolatry," thereby producing a
Much of the history of the New Deal is hagiolatry of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR).
This is hagiolatry at its most flagrant, the apotheosis of dorm-room art.
71); and an equally unprecedented surge in hagiolatry and pilgrimage rites connected to the shrines of venerated "saints." Overall, Stillman concludes, the flexibility and moderation which were striking traits of the Sephardi and Oriental response to modernity prior to the mid-twentieth century have given way to ideological rigidity and extremism with the "Ashkenazification" of religious life in Israel (p.
Martyr of liberty Pray for us You who have sacrificed your life for us Pray for us From the enemies of Saint Nicolas Chenaux, who are also our enemies Deliver us, Lord From their plots against us Deliver us, Lord From their tyranny Deliver us, Lord From their arrogance Deliver us, Lord From their blindness Deliver us, Lord From their hypocrisy Deliver us, Lord From their deceits Deliver us, Lord From their treason Deliver us, Lord(109) Here, peasants used the symbolism and practices of hagiolatry to articulate not only their grievances, but distinctions between themselves and their enemies as well.