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Synonyms for haggling

an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)

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Thrilled by my foray into haggling, I argued ferociously - in Hindi no less - and 15 minutes later, emerged victorious.
It found those on broadband and TV bundles clocked up savings of [pounds sterling]216 a year while those on broadband only deals were [pounds sterling]125 better off after haggling down the costs.
Jasmine Birtles, who runs MoneyMagpie offers some tips: | TRY haggling online - get as far as the checkout, then simply log-off.
You might be better off flogging off your old banger via a car buying website and then haggling down the price of your new Fiesta instead.
ON has partnered with finance expert Jasmine Birtles, who runs MoneyMagpie, to offer some tips: | Try haggling online as well as on the high street.
There are high haggling success rates for Sky TV, Virgin, mobile networks, broadband and phone companies too.
But if the customer was good at haggling, they'd bargain it down.
Have an urgent appointment or | Car dealerships are another place where we feel comfortable haggling for a better price leave to "think about" the deal.
However, the trading website claims that this high ratio, which is 12 percent higher than that of last year, is not because people are uncomfortable haggling with dealers but because dealers are being savvy about researching rival prices online and making sure they are providing the best price in the local area.
It's like telling a clerk you're interested, then heading toward the door -- a classic haggling tactic.
British supermarket financial organisation Sainsbury's Bank on Monday revealed new research from Sainsbury's Bank Loans which showed that more people are haggling over the cost of cars.
He's also now working as a respectable postman but I'm sure he misses the deals and haggling.
Everything I sell is 10,000 Iraqi Dinars (ID) and this gives boundaries as there is no space for haggling, so my customers don't bother to haggle.