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a surgical instrument that stops bleeding by clamping the blood vessel


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KEYWORDS: Cellulose-based haemostat, Fibrin-based haemostat, Thyroid surgery.
We have already completed our first commercial agreement for PeproStat and our other haemostat, ReadyFlow, with Boryung in September, and will now explore our options to bring this first-in-class haemostat to the market as soon as possible.
1 PART 1 Resorbent haemostat - Oxidized regenerated cellulose dimension 5cm x35cm (possible deviation in the dimension +/- 10%)
ProFibrix is currently focussing on its lead product, Fibrocaps(TM), a dry powder topical haemostat, for the treatment of severe haemorrhage.
According to The Medicines Company, Recothrom is a surgical haemostat that is applied topically to stop bleeding during surgery.