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a granular brown substance composed of ferric oxide


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In 1962, Bothwell and Isaacson [9] quantitatively assessed the postmortem haemosiderin content of organs of patients dying of natural causes, and Isaacson et al.
No signal drop-off on CSI Haemorrhage Variable - PET-negative depends on age of haematoma Acute-[up arrow]-T1 Subacute - haemosiderin rim Chronic-T1 [down arrow] T2 [up arrow] GRE-'blooming' Adrenal cyst [up arrow]T2 PET-positive [down arrow]-T1 Infection Intermediate signal Variable; active intensity infection can be PET positive Adrenal lesion Comment Adrenocortical 30% of adenomas are lipid adenoma poor Metastases Non-FDG avid primary tumours have PET-negative metastases Fatty metastases: <10 HU Adrenocortical Evaluate tumour extension carcinoma into IVC, renal veins.
At the same time, retention in ferritin falls, so releasing more iron into the circulation, with reduced storage of redundant amounts both in this protein and as haemosiderin.
The World Health Organisation (2005) define a central giant cell granuloma as a benign intraosseous lesion consisting of fibrous tissue containing foci of haemorrhage and haemosiderin deposits, aggregations of giant cells and reactive bone formation.
Iron from haemoglobin is deposited as haemosiderin and causes a brown staining in the leg.
An electron microscopical study on the genesis of lipofuscin, melanin and haemosiderin in the haemopoitic tissues of fish.
Other investigations used to identify the origin of the low T2 signal intensity foci (such as haemosiderin and calcification) in the tumour include gradient echo MR images, T1-weighted MR images and CT imaging.
Successful reduction of hepatocellular haemosiderin content in toco toucans (Ramphastos toco) with haemochromatosis by dietary modification.
They noted that within the wall of the large vessels there were active lesions with acute inflammatory infiltrate, and that in the same specimen one would find inactive areas with extensive fibrosis and haemosiderin deposits.
6) Autopsy in a case of neonatal isolated phrenic nerve palsy revealed haemosiderin deposits at the phrenic nerve and cervical plexus.
Iron is stored as ferritin or haemosiderin, with the principal sites of storage being the liver, bone marrow and spleen.
Excess metal ions are stored coupled to storage proteins such as ferritin, haemosiderin.