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pain caused by venous swelling at or inside the anal sphincter

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I first started suffering with haemorrhoids in 1996 and they had a big impact on my life.
Haemorrhoids [Greek; Haima-Blood, Rhoos-flowing; Synonym: Piles] (Latin: pile=a ball) are dilated veins occurring in relation to the anus.
THD may also be called haemorrhoid ligation, haemorrhoidal artery ligation or doppler guided ligation.
A colorectal surgeon sees a steady parade of primary care referrals for surgical evaluation of haemorrhoids.
This company offers a wide range of well-established brands, with the Canestan range notably dominating vaginal antifungals in the year with 69% share and Germoloids ranking a strong second in haemorrhoid treatments with 41% share.
As shown in table 1, mean of age and grades of haemorrhoid in treatment groups and control group show no significant differences.
The idea for the haemorrhoid advert was reportedly that of TV producer Sula Miller, of Big Grin Productions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Haemorrhoids: pathology, pathophysiology and aetiology.
Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy with its numerous proven merits has the potential to make haemorrhoid surgery into a day care procedure.
No attempt was made to remove external tag or any cutaneous component of haemorrhoid, as it would result in postoperative pain and nullify the benefit of stapled haemorrhoidectomy.
Barron's Gun and Elise's tissue forceps were used to apply the Rubber Band at the base of each haemorrhoid. After anoproctoscopy and proper identification of position and degree of haemorrhoids, haemorrhoidal tissue was grasped with Elise's tissue forceps through Barron's Gun and rubber band was placed at insensitive area above the dentate line.
Traditional Milligan Morgan haemorrhoidec- tomy is the open surgical procedure in which the haemorrhoid pedicle is ligated by a transfixing su- ture which may lead to some postoperative compli- cations mostly pain, bleeding and wound infection which ultimately cause prolonged stay in hospital.