hemorrhagic cyst

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a cyst containing blood

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Incidence of Non-neoplastic Lesions Histological Diagnosis Number Age in Size of of Women Years Cyst in cm Paratubal/ Paraovarian cyst 10 20-30 2-12 Haemorrhagic cyst 5 20-30 8-15 Endometriotic cyst 4 20-30 3-13 Follicular cyst 2 20-35 1.
False-positives identified for endometriosis by laparoscopy in this study population included fibrosis, inflammatory changes, normal peritoneum for peritoneal biopsy sample and for adnexal mass serous cysts, haemorrhagic cysts, corpus luteum cysts, normal ovarian stroma, ovarian hyperthecosis, etc.
1) On right side, a ruptured haemorrhagic cyst of ovary of ~3*4 cm in size was present with minimal blood in pouch of douglas.
Both MRI and TVS superbly demonstrated the internal architecture of haemorrhagic cyst as multiple fine septations thereby allowing a specific diagnosis.