haemolytic anaemia

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anemia resulting from destruction of erythrocytes

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To study the prevalence of various types of Haemolytic anaemia in children admitted in Paediatric wards at a tertiary care hospital.
Raised lactate dehydrogenase and bilirubin levels, in the presence of a negative Coombs test, suggested the presence of non-autoimmune-mediated haemolytic anaemia.
Mycoplasma hemofelis causes a severe haemolytic anaemia in all infected cats and is called as Feline infectious anaemia (Flint et al.
We describe a 9-year-old boy with warm autoimmune haemolytic anaemia resistant to the standard treatment who was successfully treated with Rituximab.
Prolonged haemolytic anaemia in malaria and autoantibodies against triosephosphate isomerase.
8-9 In chronic immune mediated haemolytic anaemia there is erythroid dysplasia and it can result in conditioned folate deficiency.
O'Brien TA, Eastlund T, Peters Ch, Neglia JP, Defor T, Ramsay NK, Scott Baker K: Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia complicating haematopoietic cell transplantation in paediatric patients: High incidente and significant mortality in unrelated donor transplants for non-malignant diseases.
It is characterised by microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia and acute renal failure.
Belated diagnosis in three patients with rifampicin-induced immune haemolytic anaemia.
Clinical features range from asymptomatic to fulminant haemolytic anaemia.
Severe haemolytic anaemia and excessive leukocytosis masking Mycoplasma pneumonia.
Haemolytic anaemia occurs when the premature destruction of red blood cells outstrips any increase in the reproductive rate in the bone marrow and spleen.
He was treated for haemolytic anaemia, the excessive breakdown of red blood cells which can be caused by toxins such as snake venom.