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any elementary particle that interacts strongly with other particles

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There are reasons to believe that the destruction of hadronic matter in nuclear reactions (the mass defect) creates space.
Abstract: We describe new implementations of leptonic and hadronic models for the broadband emission from relativistic jets in AGN in a temporary steady state.
At present the practical ways to produce high intensity cheap -ve moun beam as required for mCF is produce via hadronic interaction i.
Having developed the material in presentations given to students specializing in high energy physics, Bartke (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Poland) introduces the physics of relativistic heavy ions (or relativistic nuclear physics), which he notes is of particular interest "as collisions of relativistic heavy ions are believed to lead to the formation of a new state of matter--the quark-gluon plasma (QGP), thus bridging frontiers between nuclear and hadronic physics.
Ergut, Bertrand curves for nonnull curves in 3-dimensional Lorentzian space, Hadronic Journal, 27(2004), 229-236.
An interweaving of trajectography devices, electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters, and muon detectors, irrigated by millions of radiation-resistant canals, linked by millions of kilometres of cable to ultra-fast and synchronized data acquisition systems .
But to measure the path and momentum of more stable particles, the next stage consists of two different instruments: an electromagnetic calorimeter followed by a hadronic calorimeter.
We have thus found that particle physics is discrete, and this gives one reason why there are two competing models for hadrons, "Quantum Chromodynamics" (QCD), and the Santilli hadronic mechanics.
1994, Hyperstructures and Their Representations, Hadronic Press Monographs in Mathematics, Palm Harbor Florida.
It is expected that the planned measurements of the neutron life time and angular coefficients will provide a value for the hadronic vector weak interactions constant with an accuracy comparable to or better than the value determined from the [0.
The same Hadronic Reactors can also process any carbon rich liquid into MagneGas, plus heat.
Words like 'aseity', 'apophatic', 'heuristic', 'axiological', and -- in a slightly different category -- such horrors as 'facticity' and 'salvific' do not trip off the tongues of most people every day of the week; and phrases like 'the hadronic spectrum of octets and decuplets; deep inelastic scatterings' are unlikely to mean much to most people.
At hadronic colliders like the LHC, accurate modeling of the strong interactions is crucial to interpret the experimental outcomes.
The researchers hope that comparing the data gathered from these collisions with the predictions made by their current theoretical models would provide vital clues to not only the nature of cosmic rays, but also to their interaction with other hadronic particles.
In another view, the photon is interpreted as neither a quantum nor a wave but it can be a meson which produces off other hadronic matter and attains physical status.