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an undesirable overabundance

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Westminster might even entrust us with a parliament like the Scots' if we indicate that we have had a bellyful of unionist parties ruling the roost.
Darren eventually said he "had a bellyful" of the treatment and begged for a transfer to the Royal Welch Fusiliers (now the Royal Welsh).
A friend says: "Penny's not insecure, but she's had a bellyful of being compared to Rachel.
IF you've never had a bellyful of TV joker Jeremy Beadle, here's what it looks like!
The two-time European champions are in limbo at Adams Park where current boss Steve Hayes has had a bellyful of rugby after plans for a proposed new stadium were rejected.
He said: ``I'd had a bellyful of driving 30,000 miles a year.
STUDENTS have had a bellyful of Pot Noodle and baked beans - thanks to TV chefs and shows such as Come Dine With Me.