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SCCI's Departmental Committee on Media and Cyber Crime Chairman Umer Khalid said the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry had forwarded this fresh case of money hacking [cyber crime] to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).
In December 2016, Kelley pleaded guilty to 11 charges including hacking with intent, six counts of blackmail, encouraging hacking, offering to supply data in connection with fraud, and possession of articles for fraud.
He said the issue was already addressed as early as January 1, 2019 but LulzSec made it appear that the supposed hacking was carried out on April 1.
BEIRUT: Beirut's First Investigative Judge Ghassan Oueidat Monday issued indictments against three men involved in hacking a data company and stealing users' information, a judicial source told The Daily Star.
The investigation revealed that he used a software that enabled hacking into the Apple network.
They should immediately inform the relatives and friends about hacking and urge them not to respond to any messages coming from their number on WhatsApp.
At a meeting with Cambodian cell companies on Tuesday, officials said the hacking attempts began last September and intensified in January as the political situation became increasingly tense.
The court heard Hacking, of Cobham Road, Moreton, admitted the four offences, which took place in December, 2015, while he worked for Parcelforce.
On the other hand, PTI while leveling allegation upon government for website hacking said that government has hacked its official website by using unfair means.
Synopsis: Hacking computer information is an growing and enormous problem ranging from issues of personal privacy, to national security, to the very foundations of an informed electorate-based democracy.
Indian hackers are reportedly attempting to spy on Pakistani users by hacking their mobile phones through WhatsApp video calling feature.
MULTAN -- A group of hackers deprived people of thousands of rupees by hacking Facebook accounts of several CSP officers in Multan on Wednesday.
6 -- Several BuzzFeed posts were recently vandalised by the hacking group OurMine.
The latest victim of a high-profile hack is Google CEO Sundar Pichai, whose Quora account was targeted over the weekend by hacking group OurMine, which also claimed credit for hacking Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts earlier this month.