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rope or canvas headgear for a horse, with a rope for leading


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Hackamore is the first of its kind in the market of energy drinks and caffeine boosters, and it is changing the way that many businesses feel about serving energy drinks in their high-class establishments.
A change to a hackamore earlier this year has made all the difference.
Dr Cook said: "The bosal, the hackamore and the sidepull are not perfect but they cause fewer and less serious problems than the bit.
They stole a range of riding equipment including saddles, bridles including a hackamore bitless bridle, horse blankets, head collars, leading ropes and girths for the saddles.
I ride her with a hackamore but you can't use it for driving.
At Bieber, we turned north on Bieber Lookout Road (which becomes Lookout Hackamore Road) and drove through bird-populated Big Valley to State 139.
T rainer Ron Harris was far from happy when his runner, Turtle Magic, was ordered to be withdrawn at the start because she was wearing a hackamore (a rope halter).
It took ages to get the bit into his mouth and when it was accomplished, he fought and reared so much that I decided to remove it and ride him with a hackamore.
July 10 at 1574 Hackamore Way in Eugene for Margaret M.
There was some controversy here when Turtle Magic was withdrawn at the start because she was wearing a hackamore bridle, an incident which angered her trainer Ray Harris.
We have to ride him out in a hackamore, and he's a nightmare to shoe or to clip.