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Synonyms for habitus

the physical or constitutional characteristics of a person

Synonyms for habitus

person's predisposition to be affected by something (as a disease)

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According to Bourdieu (25), habitus in any field gives rise to different types of bodily expression, as the willingness and readiness incorporated mold the body based on material and spiritual conditions, translating into a way of being.
4) The later discussion of the first vignette will focus mainly on Cynthia's habitus, virtues, and sensemaking.
Theoretically, the research is well grounded in Bourdieu's concept of habitus, Geertz and Turner's perspectives on ritual, and Taussig's understanding of mimesis.
The Narrative Value of Dance Communication: habitus, musicality and emotion
1 The social habitus of volunteers performing as interpreters: empathy and compassion at the basis of social recognition
In his conclusion, Sissons addresses this kind of contradiction between traditionalists and Christians as a kind of inertia of the habitus.
Bourdieu's understanding of the habitus derives from Aristotle's term hexis, by which he meant "disposition" or "state.
36) His concept of habitus includes dispositions (the most operative word) that are internalized--not innate but learned through the process of socialization--from past experiences, and that enable agents to generate actions suitable to new situations.
174), como "uma especie de coincidencia necessaria--o que lhe confere a aparencia de uma harmonia preestabelecida--entre um habitus e um campo".
Moreover, social class has been shown further to restrict access to study-abroad experiences, either because of the relatively high costs associated with such programs, or because of nonmaterial issues such as working-class students' habitus and cultural capital.
8,9] For these systems that rely on length to predict weight, it is important that habitus is quantified accurately in order to obtain a correct weight estimation in all children, including those who are underweight or obese.
A educacao, portanto, participa enquanto fenomeno de reproducao desse produto material e imaterial que, acumulado ao longo da historia humana, nos constitui do elemento tao proprio a especie: a formacao de seres humanos e o acumulo historico de nossa producao material e imaterial de existencia, em um volume de praticas humanas reiteradas que sao incorporadas tornando-se um habitus (Saviani, 1991).
A Economia das trocas simbolicas observa que o discurso nao e uma simples troca de signos em situacoes de comunicacao, mas o encontro de certas disposicoes sociais (o habitus desses agentes) com certos mercados simbolicos e seus sistemas muito particulares de formacao de precos.
A habitus is a body of conscious and tacit knowledge of how to travel through the world, which gives rise to mannerisms, tastes, opinions and conversational style.