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Synonyms for habituated

in the habit

subject to a disease or habit for a long time

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I say I became habituated to the Beast People, that a thousand things which had seemed unnatural and repulsive speedily became natural and ordinary to me.
It may be observed in this place, lest the fact of Mr Brass calling a lady a rascal, should occasion any wonderment or surprise, that he was so habituated to having her near him in a man's capacity, that he had gradually accustomed himself to talk to her as though she were really a man.
The police said that both the accused were MBA students and habituated to betting.
Through that I'm afraid people are habituated to poor standards.
I observed an unusual situation in which a Red-tailed Hawk became habituated to people, thereby altering typical life history traits (Ditchkoff et al.
Once you are habituated to one change, add a new one.
The consequence is that at the end of 2013, dozens of Dutch jihadists have become habituated to extreme violence and have become radicalized in their intolerant and violent ideological orientation," the agency said.
Meanwhile, Tim Erlin, director of IT security and risk strategy at Tripwire said that these kinds of attacks are most successful when a pseudo-trusted Twitter account with many thousands of followers is compromised because users are already habituated to click.
His parish is divided between those who care about justice, now abused in being denied use of parish facilities for a vigil for Radloff--another abuse of authority --and those who are habituated to praying, paying and blindly obeying, and, contrary to Pope Francis's instruction, not doing "everything to resist clericalism.
There is a risk of overdosage if people get habituated to such medication even for minor complaints.
Boesch said six habituated chimpanzees were killed, probably by poachers.
Algeria: Algeria is probably the one which is most habituated with similar climatic conditions in Brazil.
The monkeys are now habituated to it, and it has become a problem for the civic body," the officer said.
Housebreaking, crate training and getting pup habituated to people are our first major tasks; the last is critical.