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I don't think that the child was habitually resident in Australia," said Judge Verdan.
The former professor and the other defendants habitually beat the victim with a baseball bat and other items over what they said were professional mistakes and poor character.
Nearly half of Americans still do not habitually wear sunglasses - and are even less likely to have their children do so, a new Vision Council report says.
The Commission considers that these criteria laid down by EU law are strict enough and thus ensure that only those people who have actually moved their centre of interest to a Member State are considered habitually resident there and no longer resident in the Member State where they previously lived.
In the stipulation, "Judge Singbush admitted that (1) 'since his election in 1991, [he] has been habitually tardy for hearings, first appearances, and trials for which he was the presiding judge'; (2) 'when tardy, [he] was often tardy for more than 15 minutes'; (3) '[his] tardiness inconveniences and economically burdens lawyers, litigants, and the judicial system'; [and] (4) 'the majority of the times [he] was late to [c]ourt were without good cause .
That text establishes that migrant workers are in principle subject to the legislation of the member state in which they are employed, while posted or temporary workers remain subject to the legislation of the country where they habitually work (and not the state where they effectively work).
That is tantamount to breaking the law habitually unless the driver thinks he/she will be caught doing so.
ha*bit*u*al*ly \-w[schwa]-l[macron over e]\ adverb <He is habitually late.
He was beaten only three times (narrowly on each occasion) in 17 races, and habitually used his exceptional early pace to thrash high-class rivals.
A team of researchers from across seven European countries found that people who habitually consume oily fish at least once a week are 50% less likely to have wet-AMD than those who ate it less often.
We habitually ignore our vocation to point to things eternal in favour of worrying about the purely temporal.
And on the issue of pay for teachers--an issue on which the Democrats habitually sell out to the teachers' union--he has coupled a call for higher salaries with a demand that teachers be accountable for their performance.
This is a guy who decorated his own apartment, drinks heavily, habitually deflects attention by asking questions, and beds women but never talks about commitment.
Companies habitually pay consultants to tell them what they want to hear.
In other words, mature persons tend to either perform tasks habitually or focus on them single-mindedly.