habitual criminal

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someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior)

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It's come to this - a judge kowtows to a habitual criminal (Brown had already been jailed three times) because it's Christmas.
In his defence the habitual criminal blamed money worries for his crimes.
Deeming, who was 38 when he was executed, was born in Leicestershire and was a habitual criminal.
Although he is not an habitual criminal or migrant worker, he suffered many forms of discrimination.
Subsection (a), titled "Habitual Criminals," states that a person may be deemed a habitual criminal whenever he or she has been twice convicted in any state or federal court of a Class X felony, criminal sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, or first degree murder, and is convicted of a Class X felony, criminal sexual assault, or first degree murder, committed after the two prior convictions.
While Skotnicki's suggestion that "Christ himself is and must be treated as the malefactor" (73) is certainly Church tradition, it would appear more normative that in those horrific cases of offense that repulses even other criminals--thrill murderers, serial rapists, and child molesters--the malefactor we are dealing with is the Devil, with whom an evil partnership has been formed quite beyond that mundane pact with the criminal world made by the professional and habitual criminal largely motivated by economic gain.
Bunker, who was 71, was a habitual criminal in his youth, but turned his life around by learning to write in prison and then turning his experiences into successful crime novels.
Imprisonment may be the best response to the habitual criminal, but we cannot reliably predict which offenders are most likely to continue criminal careers.
DeMar asserted: "If my actions have spared only one family from the distress and trauma that this habitual criminal [Billings] has caused hundreds of others, then I have served my civic duty and taken one evil creature off of our streets, something that our impotent criminal justice system had failed to do, despite some thirty-odd arrests, plea bargains and suspended sentences.
If not, the prosecutor would indict him under the state's Habitual Criminal Act.
I would like to see a scheme which will prevent a claim by a habitual criminal.
In 1928 the white petitioners for the release of Willie R argued that he "was not an habitual criminal.
A HABITUAL criminal was so desperate to go back to prison after a festive season break he begged police to arrest him.
Edward Bunker was a habitual criminal in his youth, who turned his life around by writing about his experiences and then became an actor in later life.
Andrew Davies, defending, said although an habitual criminal, he was trying to get his life on track.