habitual criminal

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someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior)

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The provision was introduced just to deal with habitual criminals so that they cannot easily escape after committing a crime," a police official said.
When interpreting Figure 5, it is important to bear in mind that: a) Each of the burglary project cases that was tried resulted in a guilty verdict; there was not a single acquittal; and b) Because of the office-wide policy put in place by District Attorney Mitchell Morrissey (demanding a plea to the top charge in cases in which habitual criminal filings were foregone), each of the project cases that was tried also included successful prosecution under the habitual criminal statute.
There is a far better reason for the Hayes decision: The defendant was simply not being punished for his refusal to plea bargain; he was being punished for violating the Habitual Criminal Act.
The bulk of the book focuses on the legislation passed during the period concerning habitual criminals, prostitution, drunkenness and betting, and, particularly, on how the Metropolitan Police sought to enforce it.
Instead of offering hope, he says, she told him that based on his past history, he was hopeless, incorrigible and a habitual criminal.
Edward Bunker was a habitual criminal in his youth, who turned his life around by writing about his experiences and then became an actor in later life.
Andrew Davies, defending, said although an habitual criminal, he was trying to get his life on track.
Indicted as a habitual criminal, he is facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 171/2 years' imprisonment if convicted.
He added that if Stchi was telling the truth then Lawson was a habitual criminal.
If Mr Saatchi is telling the truth, then Miss Lawson is a habitual criminal.
According to police, deceased father was a habitual criminal and a cruel person; the girl killed him to save her honour.
It is obvious from his past offending that Whyte is a habitual criminal and the fact he continued drug dealing after receiving a substantial prison term shows he has no regard for the law.
RUNNER-UP: Stewart Hart DAD-OF-FOUR Stewart Hart has been praised for his "heroic" actions which led to a habitual criminal being put behind bars.
So, once you get over the fact that Williamson is not Barker and his Fletch is never going to be Barker's Fletch, you can really start to revel in two hugely enjoyable hours in the company of our favourite habitual criminal and his fellow inmates.