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In recognition of the importance of the private sector's role in the area of eliminating poverty at the local level, this cooperation aims at developing small and medium-scale enterprises, habilitating and introducing entrepreneurs, especially in the field of agro-industries, to the methods and tools of financial analysis, and training owners of small and medium projects in resolving obstacles and polishing their skills in order to develop and improve the performance of their projects.
"Our strategy in the realm of habilitating the youth is based on measures and programs aimed at elevating their potentials and realizing their aspirations so that they can effectively take part in development and prosperity of the society," said Al-Mutairi, speaking on sidelines of the fourth meeting of "the joint youth commission tasked with youngsters' affairs," which groups officials from the GCC countries and Morocco.
At a meeting with a Romanian delegation led by Chief Commissioner of the Romanian Police Ioan Dascalu, the minister expressed appreciation of support provided by Romania to the Kingdom in training and habilitating Jordanian technical cadres in the aid and emergency field.
She expressed pride for organizing the first training conference at the national level and making deals for training, habilitating and employing 50 young Kuwaitis, with academic degrees and diplomas, in the banking and financial sectors.
Sharaf, who left for Vienna today to take part in the conference, said the agreement would help the two countries to finalize their obligations under the agreement to enhance cooperation in training and habilitating Jordanian cadres in the nuclear energy field.
Before it can meet the challenge of habilitating this population, the DOC first must identify this new wave of offenders and decide how they fit into an adult prison setting.
KUWAIT, Feb 7 (KUNA) -- The Government cares for habilitating national cadres and empowering them with special expertise in various domains in line with its advocacy of developing human resources for boosting development, a senior official re-affirmed on Sunday.
Various work activities have been designed and implemented to further the goals of habilitating inmates and reducing inmate idleness.
2486374 Kuwait - The Government cares for habilitating national cadres and empowering them with special expertise in various domains, re-affirms Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Minister of State for Development and Planning Dr.
KUWAIT, April 6 (KUNA) -- Five training programs have been worked out with aim of habilitating freshly graduates citizens to be employed in public sectors in need for qualified personnel.
Oil sector strategists have set several targets, namely habilitating the labor force, including those with contracts, developing oil installations and designing new ones compatible with international environmental standards.