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This stage begins upon parole or release at full term" and it is conducted by the "habilitated institutions for no more than 2 years after release or until the time the sentence is bound to finish" (Annex to the Resolution 389, 2015: 1).
Secondly, pursuant to the provision of the Act--Law on Higher Education, frankly speaking, in the minimum staffing requirement it is possible to replace one holder of an academic title of professor or the degree of habilitated doctor by two holders of the degree of doctor, and the holder of the degree of doctor by two holders of the degree of magister.
Romualdas GINEVICIUS is engineer-economist, professor, habilitated doctor, chairman of Department of Economics and Management of Enterprises of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
Pranas Baltrenas, Habilitated Doctor in the field of Technology and Environmental Engineering and Landscaping, is the author and co-author of over 500 research papers as well as 15 monographs, 4 study guides, and 3 textbooks.
During the 10 years of his work there he was habilitated as Privatdozent for the specialty of ophthalmology in 1885.
The high incidence of hearing loss shared by Jordanians and Israelis was the basis of a project to provide audiology tests for infants, which to date has screened and habilitated more than 145,000 infants.
Husserl refused to recommend her; "on principle" he rejected the idea that women should be "habilitated." When he finally wrote a letter of recommendation full of praise for her, it was too late.
Decisions about who is educated versus who is habilitated or treated are often tied to classification systems that do not provide the necessary support for families and children with disabilities.
(4,5 & 6) Also, in order for a school to have enlarged autonomy they have to engage 60 professors and half of their faculties must have the right to grant the degree of doctor habilitated (Article 12 (1).
Take the people being kept in that concentration camp in Guantanamo: They are literally extraterritorial, by force made anonymous and stateless so that no law, domestic or international, is habilitated to protect them.
in mathematics and natural sciences where only 31 women habilitated in 1992, in 1998 there were already 73 of them (i.e.
Any sensitive issue could nevertheless be refused the simplified procedure and be sent to the top for approval by the Commission team or by the responsible Member individually.Relaxing the rules.The opening of a written procedure and the way in which an official is habilitated to take a decision on behalf of the Commission must also be simplified.
Kumar habilitated in 1983 with "German companies in the USA.
The first Slovak docent of ethnology was habilitated at Komensky University in 1947 (Podolak 1991).