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something that physically confines the legs or arms

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Tell potentates they lyve actinge but others accons Not Loved vnlesse they gyve not stronge but by their faccions yf Potentates replye gyve Potentates the lye /
In the anonymous poem, The Battle of Agincourt (1530), Henry's knights report to him that "Saynt George was sene over our hoste, / Of very trouthe this syght men dyde se; / Downe was he sent by the holy goste / To gyve our kynge the vyctory." (25) A.
Both the "n" and the "d" of "second" in the notorious bequest, "I gyve vnto my wief my second best bed" (108/5), seem very obscurely written, and "weif" might conceivable be "wief" although the former is supported by "weif" later in the text (108/10): it may or may not be important that this addition is written in a more cramped fashion than others, but the fact might well have been pointed out.
`I gyve vnto my wief my second best bed with the furniture.' Wills from the London playhouses have long been considered an important source of evidence by theatre historians and biographers, the most celebrated example being the controversy surrounding Shakespeare's bequests.
if thou gyve [him meate] thou shalt be called a poysoner." (23) This threat of demonization has everything to do with what she will be "called." As Maus argues in another context, "in such cases the difference between fact and reputation is obscure, so that fact can seem nothing more than a particularly convincing form of reputation." (24)
As mentioned earlier, the Stratford Chamberlains' Accounts, entry dated 17 Dec 1602, include this mandate, 'At this halle yt ys ordered that there shalbe no plays or enterlewdes playd in the Chamber the guild halle nor in any parte of the [hos] howsse or Courte from hensforward vpon payne that whosoeuer of the Baylief Alderman & Burgesses berenghe shall gyve leave or licence therevnto shall forfeyt for euerie offence x s.' (33)