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Synonyms for gyre

a closed plane curve everywhere equidistant from a fixed point or something shaped like this

Synonyms for gyre

a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

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Solving the problem of plastic pollution demands innovation," said Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, 5 Gyres Executive Director.
But in their new study, the scientists observed that since 1997, the Beaufort Gyre has been stuck in an anticyclonic, or clockwise, phase.
Throughout the gyre between 0-50 m depths, heterotrophs were up to 75-80% of all eukaryotic cells when measured directly by epifluorescence microscopy (Masquelier & Vaulot, 2008).
In a study published last year in Marine Pollution Bulletin, 5 Gyres reported that the surface waters of the Great Lakes averaged forty-three thousand microplastic particles per square kilometer: Many were tiny spheres matching those in personal care products.
Caption: Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins met while researching the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and now speak out on the dangers of plastic pollution with their nonprofit, 5 Gyres.
The relative maximum in the model South Pacific is dictated by the larger amount of tracer "injected" there in the model due to the larger size of this subtropical gyre.
As the gyre accelerates, it causes the sea surface to bulge upwards.
Andrulis' framework is that all physical reality can be modeled by a single geometric entity with life-like characteristics: the gyre.
Method has unveiled its latest innovation in sustainable packaging, this time a bottle made out of plastic collected from the North Pacific Gyre, often referred to as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
The flotsam consists of houses, cars, boats as well as millions of tonnes of domestic debris, which is trapped in a gyre - a rotating ocean current - known as the Pacific Trash Vortex.
We've also got a few Flat mares including Silver Gyre, a half-sister to Derby fourth Housemaster.
What is known for certain is that the marine debris in the North Pacific Gyre is 80% plastic and it's mostly coming from land.
Once here, the home-schooled duo - also known as The Red Hot Chillies - will join nearly 1,200 students from New York, San Diego and the Bay Area, among other regions, in this year's challenge to clean up Trash Island: The Great Pacific Gyre.
Indeed, due to the thermal structure of the water body, an anti-cyclonic gyre was dominating the flow field in the upper layers (Fig.
As with its cousin the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (a gyre of marine litter larger than the state of Texas) plastics have been circulating in the Atlantic Ocean for years, presenting health risks to fish, seabirds and other marine animals that accidentally ingest the matter.