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2008) reported the usage of Kin for the Gypsophila plant.
1996) also reported that BAP, Kin, NAA and IBA in combination of each other prove the best media for micropropagation or in vitro growth of Gypsophila plant.
For acclimatization process the plantlets of Gypsophila were first transferred to green house with the highest humidity and with all other necessary environmental condition in the disinfected, highly drained soil, preferably calcareous soil with the pH range between 6.
Effect of media on some In vitro and Ex vitro Parameters in micropropagation of Gypsophila paniculata.
A new disease Causing stuting and shoot proliferation in Gypsophila is associated with phytoplasma.
Micropropagation of Gypsophila paniculata using shhot tip culture in vitro.
Saponin production in shoot and callus culture of Gypsophila paniculata.