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a female gametoecium

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The orientation of the two bicarpellate gynoecia in one cyme is diagonal in all genera at maturation (Table 2), which disagrees with Abbe (1935, 1938) who considered the gynoecia as transverse in Carpinus and Ostrya.
D3 Differentiation of anthers and the gynoecia. E Silk growth.
After detaching corollas from gynoecia, I measured gynoecium length, and after pressing, measured corolla width at the mouth of the flower, basal corolla width (at the most proximal point), and corolla length.
In Myrtaceae, Chamaelaucieae and Fenzlia have a monosymmetric ovary by a one-sided placenta (Niedenzu, 1893); it is unclear whether these gynoecia are unicarpellate or pseudomonomerous.
We also concentrate on the origin of dimerous gynoecia in genera such as Kyllinga, Pycreus and Queenslandiella, including anatomical and molecular data of Reynders et al.
gynoecia, which results in female-biased nectar production.