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a political system governed by a woman

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One the one hand, Berni engages himself with the gynecocracy debate stressing out the limitations of male argumentation to the natural right of preeminence.
This tightrope act helped create an acceptable model for gynecocracy. Beem's chapter on Queen Anne is particularly concerned with the royal status and role playing of George, Prince of Denmark, the queen's consort.
An English translation of Bachofen's Mutterrecht (Mother right) (1861); a study of the religious and juridical aspects of gynecocracy in the ancient world; v.2: Lemnos and Egypt.
Thus, while the exclusive male attachments figured in A Midsummer Night's Dream by Bottom and his colleagues and by Egeus's "love" for Demetrius obviously contrast along the axis of gender with Hippolyta's Amazon gynecocracy and the feminine separatism of Titania, they also embody the same general threat to heteroerotic relations figured by the play's woman/woman bonds.
As Froma Zeitlin argued in "Dynamics of Misogyny," the strong, seemingly protofeminist, portrayal of Klytemnestra in the first play is really part of an "Amazon complex, which envisions that woman's refusal of her required subordinate role must, by an inevitable sequence, lead to its opposite: total domination, gynecocracy, whose extreme form projects the enslavement or murder of men." Aeschylus makes Klytemnestra initially strong in order finally to justify A thenian patriarchy; her progressive disempowerment--from autonomous queen to conflicted victim to nasty ghost--is key to the proper evolution of society.