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Synonyms for gynandromorph

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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Wing biometry and statistical discriminant analysis as a technique to determine sex of a Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) gynandromorph. Journal of Medical Entomology 89 (5): 1338-1341.
"Although gynandromorphs have been reported previously, they have not been analyzed at this level of detail," Blanche Capel told Science News.
With respect to the role of the androgenic gland (AG) in regulating crustacean sex differentiation, Nagamine and Knight (1987a) stated that "knowing that the AG can masculinize genotypic females makes the presence of a bilateral gynandromorph a paradox since the AG at the male half should be capable of masculinizing the contralateral female half." The authors suggest an explanation in which the feminized half of the bilateral gynandromorph consists of "AGH receptor-minus cells." That explanation may apply to the presence of bilateral gynandromorphs such as those described in the Bay prawn Nephrops norvegicus (Farmer, 1972).
Descimon, "Hybridization between two species of swallowtails, meiosis mechanism and the genesis of gynandromorphs," Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society, vol.
distinctions can be pretty fine, with some claiming that gynandromorphs do not look entirely like androgyns, nor like hermaphrodites, nor eunuchs, and certainly not like bisexuals--that androgyns and wombmen are quite different--and so on.
Such male-female mashups, called gynandromorphs, occur naturally--due to early-stage cellular anomalies--in zebra finches, pigeons and parrots, as well as in other kinds of animals.
A different series of color-blotched irregularities are termed mosaics and/or gynandromorphs (Scriber and Evans 1988a).