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Websites are gymnastically clever but don't quite obliterate the fact that the ideas are mainstream and the colour this season's.
Faith jumps enemies, vaults walls and gymnastically makes her way around the city in a pretty believable way.
The pole is just about the only thing the workout has in common with striptease acts, which are less gymnastically and dance-oriented, says Kerry Knee, co-founder of Flirty Girl Fitness, which has been open about a year in Chicago.
This triggers flashbacks to 1955, when he was a shy, sickly kid (Valentin Vigourt), intimidated by two conspicuously robust parents: erstwhile champion swimmer Tania (Cecile de France) and gymnastically inclined Maxime (Patrick Bruel).
What makes this so wonderful is that none of the performers looks like you might expect to see in such an athletic, gymnastically demanding, physical show.
It's a bit of a stretcher, however, to present May (very much a redhead) gymnastically improvising on the rhythm method, spilling her john's seed on her thigh, and later relaxing as she scratches the wet spot.
As the last Olympic Games emphasised, China has started to move forward in a big way gymnastically and can now call on some of the most spectacular performers in the world.
Alex Bourne played to the gallery as the lascivious Frank N Furter and Jo Gibb was impressive as the gymnastically gifted Columbia.
Belly crawls included scraping the whole underside along the floor and, even more gymnastically, using the arms to push up on the knees and then belly flopping forward.
Some women in the audience may have identified with sympathetic female stage characters and taken comfort; others (like those drawn to the totally unrealistic and apolitical Takarazuka all-women revue company) may have found solace in gymnastically busy and lavish stage-business.
Acrobatic sportsmanship and dance draftsmanship - the play of line-are talents shared by both companies, though the effect of Pucci's work is lighter and less extreme artistically and gymnastically. His dancers are able movers, yet, individually, unmemorable theatrical presences.
These carts are stationed at convenient intervals along endless rows of gymnastically adjustable deck chairs that are themselves phenomenally fine deck chairs, sturdy enough for even the portliest sunbather but also narcoleptically comfortable, with heavy-alloy frames over which is stretched some mysterious material that combines canvas's quick-drying durability with cotton's absorbency and comfort--certainly a welcome step up from public pools' deck-chair material of Kmartish plastic that sticks to your skin and produces farty suction-noises whenever you shift your sweaty weight on it.
"We have never had anyone on the show, even the professionals, who is capable of what he can do gymnastically on the floor.
The part is therefore physically demanding, the sort of role that might be ideal for someone gymnastically inclined.