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(gymnastics) an exercise designed to develop and display strength and agility and balance (usually performed with or on some gymnastic apparatus)

a sport that involves exercises intended to display strength and balance and agility

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In that sense, it was a beautiful art, and one of the noblest of gymnastic exercises. Modern arrangements have made it something quite different.
Places of training, and all for gymnastic exercises, should be in the open air--upon the turf or sand is best.
Learn to Cook, Ceramics, Story Time and Step Right (a mix of jazz, classical ballet and gymnastic exercises) are some of the programs tailored to an older age group.
In the following, by comparing gymnastic exercises with rowing and fencing, I do not intend to suggest that one stemmed from the other, or that there is some causal relation between them.
"Cultured people have many other gymnastic exercises and games which were originally devised for physical strengthening.
Group gymnastic exercises are considered an art form as well as a form of discipline and education.
They take part in gymnastic exercises, play ball games and chatter with their friends.
We were kicking to touch from the wrong places; we were scrummaging too hard; we were letting front row forwards make other front row forwards tired; we were allowing off-form players to stay on the pitch; we were not changing half the side at the coach's whim; we were asking forwards to do a forwards' job; we allowed line-outs to be affairs of rugby robustness and craft and not weightlifting and gymnastic exercises as they are today.
Not all gymnastic exercises are performed on a balance beam.
The finals will be held on certain types of gymnastic exercises today.
In addition to exercise gained in domestic duties, all students will be expected to engage in regular gymnastic exercises at least twice each week." (92) Likewise, Dio Lewis, whose gymnastics system was adopted by a majority of the first U.S.
The finals were held on certain types of gymnastic exercises today.
For the latter, gymnastic exercises that develop the arms and the back muscles can be useful.
The finals on certain types of gymnastic exercises will be held on July 26.
From the opening of the Graded School, students were not left to study lessons on their own, but were closely watched by a corps of monitors, thirteen in all - six boys and six girls each assigned to a designated rank - first monitor, second monitor and so forth, plus a "chief officer." They were responsible for seeing "that the ranks are well kept in marching from the school rooms to the play grounds" and they were "to act as leaders in calisthenic and gymnastic exercises, and on public occasions to act as marshals." According to one observer who arrived at the beginning of the school day: "After going to their various rooms and depositing their books, at the sound of the gong, a march is played on the piano, the little ones come tramping in, keeping perfect time to the music.