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a canvas shoe with a pliable rubber sole

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I requested donations of any old latex paint, and the gym shoe base was expanded to any kind of shoe.
Ashley Pritchard, 55, terrorised pupils at a special school, beating them with a gym shoe, banging their heads against a wall and forcing them to fight each other until they bled, it was claimed.
Just 48 hours earlier Kyle Haggerty, 11, found pounds 500 of heroin in his gym shoe at school in Glasgow.
He has done more than a half dozen telvision commercials for Chrysler Corp., has endorsed Pepsi, and has his own gym shoe on the market, stamped with his unique spider and web insignia.
The Unity Partnership provided gym shoes for the school's elementary students.
Arguably the development, which took appreciation beyond a few compliments to an actual phenomenon has been the recognition of the culture surrounding the love of gym shoes and their impact on everyday living.
With increasing demand to remain fit, sales for the gym shoes will continue to rev up in sports footwear market.
She paired it up with shades and black gym shoes and silver hoops for earrings.
What amused me is that, even though there was a notice not to leave dirty gym shoes in the locker room, people often left them on top of their lockers leading to the stench.
"Jagger was wearing a figurehugging sky blue jumpsuit, a silver belt, diamante bracelets, white gym shoes, and a short black leather jacket."
The interstate relocation company's Move Out Hunger running team grabbed their gym shoes and put their best foot forward to trample the food-security crisis during the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon July 22.
Participants will take field trip to recreation center to learn about pickleball, gym shoes required; or 541-345-2988
He meant with basketballs and barbells, roller skates and gym shoes. At a time when other marginalised groups are seeing progress toward greater rights and inclusion, millions with intellectual disabilities are still waiting.