gym rat

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someone who spends all leisure time playing sports or working out in a gymnasium or health spa

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"If you're trying to increase strength - whether you're Joe Shmoe, a weekend warrior, a gym rat or an athlete - training with high loads is going to result in greater strength adaptations," said Jenkins, an assistant professor of exercise physiology at Oklahoma State University who conducted the research for his dissertation at Nebraska.
RORY MCILROY turned his fire on Johnnie Miller last night after the American legend branded him a "gym rat".
If you are a gym rat, find a health club that will allows free day passes or has promotions for out-of-towners.
Quigg, 27, is the ultimate professional and a gym rat who lives and breathes boxing.
I am a self-proclaimed "gym rat" who has been into lifting weights and fitness for nearly 20 years with the aspirations of becoming a certified personal trainer.
(Oh, and if you're an aspiring gym rat, you're that much more likely to exercise if your workout clothes are prepped and ready.)
I can speak on this from experience as a shooter, a long-term gym rat who's had three rotator cuff repairs, and a registered nurse with 23 years of experience, mostly in inpatient rehab.
I started going to the gym after a knee injury years ago and since then I've become something of a gym rat. And I take care of my voice as well as I can.
It created two stark choices for me: Spend the next few days smelling like a gym rat or purchase new deodorant.
I had also gained weight inspite of being a gym rat," she says.
"Too much exercise and the body has no chance for response and can break down," says Zickerman, who was a gym rat until it compromised his health.
* FIND YOUR SWEET SPOT: Not a gym rat? Not a problem: any activity can have a positive impact, including gardening, dancing and more.
He's first in, last out, a gym rat at an age where many struggle to shuffle along a pension queue.