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Synonyms for guzzler

someone who drinks heavily (especially alcoholic beverages)

a drinker who swallows large amounts greedily


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To celebrate the Guzzler success, diners can enjoy two main meals for the price of one at the brewery's Yorkshire Terrier pub in Stonegate, York, from Monday to Saturday until February 3.
Office favourite Martin Freeman will lend his dulcet tones to The Last Cowboys, while Holby actress Angela Griffin (who put on five stone while pregnant) reads The Monster Crisp Guzzler.
Also, Starsky and Hutch's Torino give meone please, with the red flash-ing light, slot mags and Zeebra 3 radio, gas guzzler or not.
The converted gas guzzler was intercepted yesterday by the US Coast Guard.
Months after voicing fears of an emerging monopoly in the sector and a forceful shutdown of Reliance Communications' consumer business, Anil Ambani on Tuesday said telecom has become a money guzzler where only those with deep pockets can survive.
Spearheaded by the Texas Bighorn Society (TBS), volunteers from the Dallas Safari Club (DSC), biologists from Texas Parks and Wildlife, and folks from the TBS gathered to build and repair guzzlers. Much of the Adams Ranch is devoid of natural water sources, and a good guzzler will, with only a single inch of rainfall per year, supply local wildlife with water.
Vactor shares the facility with Guzzler Manufacturing, the world's leader in industrial vacuum loaders that efficiently clean up industrial waste or recover and recycle valuable raw materials.
The majority of guzzler projects in our state are only accomplished by partnering organizations that are composed of mostly sportsmen wanting to protect game herd health.
He's an avid trash-pile digger, metal detector, mess maker, outdoorsman, beer guzzler, sign painter, family man, adventurer, urban treasure hunter and an inspiration with his skateboarding and art.
Washington, June 15 ( ANI ): Charlie Sheen, who is apparently seething with anger after 'Teen Mom'-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham allegedly leaked their private text chat to a gossip site, sent her a harsh rejection letter and called her a 'desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua' in it.
Or, if you're really trying to watch the pennies, you could seize the opportunity to trade in your old gas guzzler for a fuel-efficient model.
"To determine the relationship between fuel price spikes and values, we examined the Toyota Corolla, Prius and the Ford Expedition as representatives of the fuel-efficient, hybrid and gas guzzler vehicle categories," said Horn in the quarterly feature, "Timing is Everything: Total Loss Values and Gas Prices."
Guzzler is partially correct, as it is a brand of vacuum trucks sold primarily in the industrial market.
Energy giant E.On said the biggest energy guzzler is the living room TV - the annual bill for a 42in plasma is pounds 108.