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a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

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"We alleged that the location of one of the guy wires on the pole violated the most recent version of the National Electric Safety Code, and the inadequate clearance between the upper terminus of the guy wire and a high-voltage jumper cable was the dangerous condition that facilitated the accident," Margolis said.
Secure Cordage in Place: Tie one end of the guy wire cord to one tree using a half-hitch knot.
The propeller nose cone displayed striations consistent with a large gauge wire similar to the downed guy wire. Post-accident examination found no evidence of structural icing on the airplane and no signs of ice were reported by first responders.
The danger comes during raising and lowering; a change in wind speed or direction, or a poorly laid-out base, guy anchors or guy wire lengths can cause a disaster in the blink of an eye (I've been there and done that.) Tilting towers have the largest footprint of any tower type, and the entire area must remain clear of brush or other obstructions for raising and lowering (#11).
When their view was not obscured by vegetation within the enclosure, subjects were observed abruptly turning their heads towards the model as it was released or retracted along the guy wire. Latency to successfully locate the cavity nest differed by treatment condition ([F.sub.1,10] = 5.39, P = 0.04).
Check all guy wires and fasteners for wear and damage before your erection mission.
The airplane struck a radio tower guy wire and the ground at 1042 Central time.
James Lashmar won the Interactive Media category with a computer programming entry and Ryan Collins took home a Product Design runner-up prize for his tent peg and guy wire design.
So much so that officials there haven't returned several daily calls, and official details are still sketchy on the long-term plans of replacing the crumpled landmark, which stood as one of the world's tallest until crashing down while workers were doing guy wire maintenance.
Capability: Guy Wire performs guy wire design for stacks and towers.
Five of the footings were dug for the 60' turbine tower, and measured 12" round by 5' deep with reinforced 1/2" x 3" steel flat stock placed in the center of each footing to serve as guy wire anchors (the center footing was to anchor the gin pole).
PUTNAM - A 70-year-old Dayville man died early Saturday morning when his car went off the right shoulder of Interstate 395 south after Exit 95 and struck a guy wire.
The other three firefighters were able to leap from the building and clung to a guy wire holding a sign for the furniture store.